Interview Coaching in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Welcome to your career launch pad. Here you can access career guidance, personality profiling, interview training, CV and LinkedIn help, redundancy support, job performance coaching and career transition coaching. This is where you go from knock backs to a new employment contract. We’ll take you from confusion, indecision, inaction or unsatisfactory results to clarity, direction, strategy, action and great results.

Who we help.

Whether you are a teenager unsure of your direction, a graduate wanting your first professional role or an experienced worker wanting a change or promotion, we will help you reduce your stress and achieve your goals.

The benefits of working with us.

We can help you get really clear about what you want and how to get it, then help you market yourself well and get the job. We can also help you once you’re in a job, to make sure you perform at your best and are as happy as possible.

How we work.

Our focus is always on you. We work to understand your personality, interests, goals, concerns, personal situation, history and what it is important you. We help you achieve a balance between the ideal and the practical.

You’re in control.

It’s up to you how little or how much you take advantage of our support. We will always tailor what we do to your needs and if we don’t think you need our help we’ll tell you that too!

How we can help

  • Career guidance – Find out which jobs suit you and why, get bespoke advice, course information, help with decision making and feedback on your CV Click here for tips
  • Personality profiling – Take our assessments to find out what careers suit you and why (available as part of career consultations)
  • CV and cover letter advice – Tips on how to improve your CV and cover letter. If you are finding it difficult to update or create your CV and cover letter, we can create professional documents for you, tailored to your chosen job and industry. As part of our writing services we help you identify your strengths, skills, experience and achievements, which is the starting point for your interview preparation
  • LinkedIn coaching or writing – Learn how you can use LinkedIn to your advantage as part of your job search or career management strategy. If you prefer, we can create a professional, keyword optimised LinkedIn profile for you and then provide steps on how you can make it work for you
  • Interview preparation – Tailored one-on-one training to give you the best chance of getting the job you want Click here for tips
  • Coaching – One-to-one coaching to help you perform at your best at work, achieve your KPIs, improve relationships, adjust to a management or leadership role or get a promotion
  • Redundancy support – Help to get back on your feet and get a new job (covering your choice of services)
  • Career transition coaching – Practical help for people who want to transition from an established career