Feeling stuck or lost?  Not sure where your passion lies?  Lacking direction?  Returning to work?

Would you like to find a career that makes you happy but also pays the bills and works practically?  Would you feel more confident if you knew which jobs suited you and why and had a plan on how to achieve your goals?  It may not be as absurd, difficult or out of reach as it seems and our Career Consultations are the first step towards your new career.

career guidance coaching in Aylesbury, BuckinghamshireWhat can I expect from a Career Consultation?

As part of our standard 1.5 hour face-to-face Career Consultation you will receive two online career assessments (personality profiles), printed reports and printed career information as well as practical, bespoke, professional guidance from your Career Consultant on:

  • Jobs and careers that suit your personality, interests, personal needs and circumstances
  • How to strike a balance between the ideal job and something that is achievable and pays the bills
  • The careers and industries you are considering – factors to consider
  • Study options – what, where, how, entry requirements, cost and time
  • Examples of current job vacancies
  • How to narrow down your options and make a decision on what’s next
  • How to market yourself into a new position, including feedback on your resume
  • How to make a career transition

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Most clients only need one consultation but many choose to use our other services to help them achieve their career goals. Click here for a summary of our other services for individuals.


The cost of a standard Career Guidance Coaching session is £155
Follow up consultations can be arranged if desired at a cost of £85/hr

Case study – Adam

Adam left school with A-levels in Art, Maths and Design & Technology.  He chose to undertake an accounting degree because he liked working with numbers and knew the degree would provide him with a lot of options career wise plus there were always plenty of job opportunities in the field of accounting.

Even though Adam didn’t really love his university studies he worked hard, had fun and did ok.  After he graduated he impressed potential employers with his energy, enthusiasm for new challenges and problem solving ability and secured a graduate auditor role with one of the national accounting firms.

At first Adam enjoyed the work and all the learning that came with it but, over time, he found he was making silly mistakes and didn’t like the repetitive nature of the work.  His enthusiasm waned and he became increasingly worn out and negative.  He inevitably compared himself to his fellow graduates who seemed to love their job and undertake their roles with the greatest of ease.  He wondered what he was doing wrong and what was wrong with him. Why was he so unhappy and what could he do about it?

Adam decided to seek professional help and booked a Career Consultation. During the consultation Adam was relieved to learn there was nothing ‘wrong’ with him.  As a result of discussions with his Career Consultant, Adam realised the main reason for his unhappiness at work was because the job was not a great match with his personality.  The graduate auditor role was ideal for someone who enjoyed working at a steady pace behind the scenes with facts, details and procedures and who was naturally planned and organised.  Adam realised he was much more motivated and energised in fast paced, problem solving environments where he could design solutions and look at matters from a strategic perspective.  He also felt energised in busy, people focused environments working under pressure.

With the help of his Career Consultant, Adam mapped out his options and considered each one from different perspectives, including

  • Ease of achievement
  • Anticipated job satisfaction and overall happiness (fit with his personality, interests and values)
  • Time to achieve
  • Financial investment required
  • Study requirements
  • Practical matters

He considered roles that would build on his qualifications and experience to date but give him more of what he was looking for as well as major career change roles.  The accounting related options he considered included roles in corporate finance and commercial finance.  Each of these roles would be more fast-paced, pressured and involve problem solving and plenty of people interaction.  The career change options Adam considered included management consulting, engineering and commercial management (e.g. hotel management).

Adam left the consultation with a renewed sense of optimism and excitement for the future.  He had short list of options and an action plan that would help him decide on his next step.