Workplace coaching helps improve your performance and happiness at work. It also has an enriching ‘ripple effect’ in that the benefits normally extend beyond you to others as well as out into other areas of your life.

We provide coaching services to organisations and individuals. When you engage us you are actively investing in your future success.

Ask your employer to give you the gift of coaching or contact us directly to access the support and performance boost you and your career deserve.

manager coaching and leadership coaching in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Types of coaching

  • Executive coaching – Being at the top of an organisation, executives generally have limited access to mentors and coaches within the organisation for advice and guidance. We work side by side with executives to help them outperform in their roles and get the best results for their career and for the organisation
  • Performance coaching – Performance coaching is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their results or performance at work. This can be anyone from sales and marketing specialists through to team leaders and rising talent. It is also suitable for people who are struggling in their roles and are on performance management plans
  • Management coaching – Management coaching is designed for new managers who might be uncomfortable or inexperienced with management techniques. Not everyone is a natural manager of people or business activities. Management coaching will ensure you get the best start in your management role
  • Leadership coaching – Leadership coaching builds a leader’s capability to achieve short- and long-term organizational goals as well as tranform the quality of their own working life. When leaders improve their performance, the benefits spread throughout the organisation

How we coach

The RIPPLE effect associated with coaching is also reflected in our coaching process.

  • Reflect
  • Develop I
  • Plan
  • Practice
  • Learn
  • Enhance

Reflect & Develop Insights

As part of workplace coaching we build a person’s awareness of their:

  • Personality, natural preferences, thought patterns and habits
  • Strengths and non-strengths – what energises them and what doesn’t and how this affects them at work
  • Motivators and how these affect their energy, focus and blind spots
  • Learned limitations
  • Capacity to improve their performance and happiness at work


We use the enhanced personal awareness as the foundation for developing practical strategies to improve performance where desired and needed.

Practice and Learn

Change occurs as a result of increased awareness, mental and behavioural flexibility and the practice of new habits. The process of repeated practicing and reflecting facilitates further insights and awareness as well as changes or fine-tuning.


Coachees evolve their thinking and enhance their performance, not just during the period of coaching but ongoing.