Are you restructuring your business? Are you contemplating redundancies? Would you like to provide your staff with the support they need post redundancy to make a successful transition into a new job?

We can provide your staff with personalised support and guidance that will help them adjust to the change, find suitable job opportunities, present themselves effectively to employers and secure a new role.

Outplacement Support & Coaching in Aylesbury, BucksWhat are the benefits for my organisation?

Tough decisions and redundancies are an inevitable part of business activities and economic cycles, however, the way an organisation conducts itself during these times will affect its brand, reputation and the morale of remaining staff.

Providing outplacement support to your staff will help:

  • Ensure your organisation maintains a reputation for taking care of its people
  • Reduce any ill-will between redundant staff members and the organisation
  • Remaining staff members to maintain a good team spirit and a positive attitude towards both your organisation and their work

What are the benefits for the individual staff members?

The benefits of working with a professional Career Consultant are countless and unique to the individual as their redundancy experience will be different to the next person’s. Change is inevitable but some people find the uncertainty associated with redundancy more unsettling than others.

Benefits to the individual include having:

  • An unbiased professional to talk to about their redundancy experience and your future plans
  • Someone to help them stay calm, positive and focused on moving forward rather than looking back
  • Access to a professional career advisor who can help them decide their direction, develop their CV and cover letter and provide guidance on how to conduct an effective job search strategy (including use of LinkedIn)
  • Tools and strategies to give them confidence in networking and applying for jobs
  • Interview skills training that will maximise their chance of success in securing a new employment contract

What can we expect?

The first thing we do is discuss and agree with you the level of support you would like to provide to your staff (see below for support levels). We can guide you in this regard. After you have provided us with a brief for each staff member, we will call them to see how they are, discuss their circumstances and decide on the support and services(s) they think they most need and will find most valuable. We then book in their first consultation.

How are the consultations different to those provided directly to individuals?

Whilst the type of services we provide as part of outplacement packages are similar to those provided directly to individuals, the manner in which we deliver those services differs in the following ways:

  • We spend time liaising with you before we meet with individuals to agree the level of support you wish to provide and obtain information about the staff member’s recent role and job title
  • We provide you with a brief report after each consultation advising the staff member’s name, the date and time the consultation took place and in general terms the topics discussed and progress that was made. This gives you the reassurance your program is being utilised effectively by staff
  • Our consultations with staff members generally last between 1.5hrs and 2hrs (more than the standard 1.5hrs provided to individuals directly)

Levels of support

You can choose from the following levels of support on an individual-by-individual basis.

Level 1

Level 1 is ideal for junior staff members or where you have a restricted budget. It includes:

  • 2 x consultations, typically* comprising Career Guidance and either CV writing or Interview skills training
  • ½ hr telephone support

Level 2

This is ideal for junior to middle management staff or staff that need extra support. It includes:

  • 3 x consultations, typically* comprising Career Guidance, CV writing and Interview Preparation
  • Up to 1hr telephone support

Level 3

This is ideal for middle management to executive level staff or staff you consider need extra support. It includes:

  • 4 x consultations, typically* comprising Career Guidance, CV writing, Interview Preparation and LinkedIn Coaching
  • Up to 1.5hrs telephone support

*The suggested services are a guide only. The final decision on the best services to be provided will be made jointly by the Career Consultant and individual staff member.

Each of the available services is outlined below:

  • Career guidance – staff members take our career assessments, find out which jobs suit them and why, get bespoke advice, help with decision making and verbal feedback on their CV and job search strategy Click here for tips
  • CV and cover letter writing – we create professional documents for the individual, tailored to their chosen job and industry. As part of our writing services we help them identify their strengths, skills, experience and achievements, which is the starting point for good interview preparation
  • LinkedIn coaching – Individuals learn how they can use LinkedIn to their advantage as part of their job search strategy
  • Interview preparation – tailored one-on-one training to give the individual the best chance of getting the job they want
  • Career transition coaching – practical help if the individual wants to use redundancy as an opportunity to take a change in direction

To learn more about each of the above services, please click on the links.