The success of any business depends significantly on its people. As humans we are naturally trusting and attracted to people like us; people who think like us, hold the same values, share our sense of humour and communication styles. For a lot of candidates, it is not hard for them to convince us they are ideal for the vacant position by presenting a well-written CV and telling us what we want to hear in the job interview.

The brutal reality is that research* indicates that more than 50% of CVs and job applications contain falsifications and that candidates frequently lie in job interviews.

Help With Recruitment in Aylesbury, BuckinghamsireThe biggest hiring mistakes you can make are to recruit without:

  • Knowing exactly what you’re looking for
  • Properly vetting candidates
  • Properly assessing personality, motivation and habits

It is critical to use a robust and expert recruitment process to ensure you get the right people in the right roles.

How we can help

We can help you attract and select the most suitable candidates for your roles. If you get the match right, your new team member will be naturally suited to their role and it will be much easier to keep them engaged, motivated and performing well.

Our recruitment services are ideal if your organisation doesn’t have a dedicated HR specialist or team or if you would like to take advantage of our impartiality and expertise around language, interviewing, personality profiling and human behaviour to find people that will perform well in their roles and stay with you long term.

What we can do

Emotiq can provide tailored assistance in the following areas:

  • Profiling – We will work with you to thoroughly profile both the position you are seeking to fill and the ideal candidate for the role. Thorough profiling is crucial as it provides the platform for effective vetting and selection of candidates. We will also help you to prepare job descriptions and KPIs if requested
  • Attracting- Armed with the position and ideal candidate profiles, we use our specialist knowledge of language and human motivators to design a marketing campaign and associated written material that will reach and attract the best available candidates for the role. This means we can select from a strong pool of quality candidates and need to spend less time weeding out the unsuitable candidates
  • Selecting & interviewing – Using interviewing, screening and vetting techniques we select a shortlist of candidates for the role; those we consider to be the top 2 to 4 candidates. This process is far more robust than most recruiters. We look far beyond how the candidate presents on paper and probe until we are satisfied they are suitable to present to you
  • Final interviewing – We will present 2 – 4 candidates to you that we consider to be the best available. At this point we will be confident that any of them would be successful in the role. We will assist you to interview them

Our philosophy

Unlike a lot of recruiters, we are not sales focused. We do not have sales targets; we have long-term relationships with organisations based on provision of quality services. We focus on sourcing the best available candidate for you; one that will perform well in the role, fit in with your culture and stay with your organisation. Our recruitment process is robust. We vet candidates at every stage during the recruitment process and are always joining the dots and looking for areas of concern to investigate.

Contact us to discuss your needs and circumstances and obtain a tailored quotation.