Graduate careers advice Aylesbury, BuckinghamshireGuiding your teenager through subject choices at school and then helping them as a young adult choose their career, university or course of study after school is no easy task. These are some of the reasons why:

  • Teenagers/young adults can be reluctant to take any sort of guidance from their parents
  • Differences in personality types can lead to communication breakdowns between parents and children
  • It is hard as a parent to be objective when you are emotionally invested in your child and their success
  • Providing quality career guidance requires a good understanding of personality type, interests and values and how these tie in with job suitability as well as sound knowledge of available careers, job market and industry trends, education options and recruitment practises. Not many parents have this working knowledge.

If this sounds familiar, let us help you. We are experienced in working with teenagers and young adults. If your child is apathetic or lost, we can help them get excited about their future, really think about who they are, what will suit them and what they want. We will develop an action plan with them that will help them make decisions and achieve their goals.

How we can help

  • Career guidance – your teenager or young adult will find out which jobs suit them and why, get bespoke advice, course information, help with decision making and feedback on their CV.
  • CV & cover letter help - tips on how to improve their CV, cover letter or course application letter. If they are finding it difficult to update or create their CV, cover letter, or application letter we can create professional documents for them, tailored to their chosen job, course and industry. As part of our writing services we help them identify their strengths, skills, experience and achievements, which is the starting point for their interview preparation.
  • Interview preparation – tailored one-on-one training to give your teenager or young adult the best chance of getting onto the course or getting the job they want.

How we work

We find the best results come when we work teenagers and young adults on a one-to-one basis, however we invite you to attend part of the consultations (if your child agrees) so we can brief you on what we’ve covered and discovered. This will help you to support your child with their activities and thinking after the meeting.


Prices for each of our services can be found under each of the relevant services for individuals tabs.

There is no additional fee for parents to attend consultations and obtain briefings from the Career Consultant.