“Helen, I would like to share with you my deepest thanks for the guidance, encouragement and insights you provided to make my recent career transition a success. It’s not easy applying for new jobs after a long career with one company, but your approach was empowering and enabled me to see the value that I have to offer prospective employers. Your coaching on interview preparation was particularly helpful, as a result I was able to walk into the interviews feeling well-prepared and confident. It enabled me to present myself well and stand-out from other candidates. I’m delighted with the outcome and very thankful to have benefited from your expertise.”
David P, Corporate Planning Manager.

“Through Helen’s expertise, experience and knowledge in her profession, she has provided me with the coaching and tools to get my career and work-place performance back on track.”
John P, IT Project Manager.

Before working with Emotiq (Helen Holan), I felt stuck in a rut. I had a job that, although paid well, was stressful, I didn’t enjoy it and the job was affecting my health due to the environment and shifts. I needed a change but with my limited job history I was unsure of where to apply and what type of job to go for and the important thing for me was a job role that I would enjoy and want to work in.

I decided to work with Helen to not only start to understand myself better, but also to understand what type of job and in which industry would suit me, taking into consideration my personality, strengths and weaknesses, and as everyone, I had no idea what these were. Working with Helen helped me to understand my strengths, weaknesses but most importantly what I strive to do, and could do, as a career and in turn gave me much more confidence when applying for jobs, even though I may have not had previous experience in the role.

The CV advice received from Helen was second to none and I now have the best CV I have ever had and with this, the confidence I have and the excellent guidance I had, I got the first job I applied for, in the role I wanted and a great company. I cannot thank Helen enough for her hard work and advice and guidance and certainly will come back for future guidance and interview techniques in the future, should I need it.
Karina B, Career Changer